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Hot off the press – Global Design and Trade Dress newsletter

Designer_jpgGood design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.”  –  Edward Tufte

Like design aiming at visualizing clear thinking, this newsletter gives you a fascinating overview of the current legal landscape of design law and related areas – providing you an overview of recent case law and new legal developments from around the world. With design law at its core, this new publication also covers design-related areas such as 3D and figurative trademarks, copyright and unfair competition law.

Hot topics

The first Hot Topic article in this issue is examining the continuing impact of the German landmark decision on the copyright protection of applied arts (“Applied Art – Full copyright protection in Germany?”) which led many to the assumption that the very generous protection of German copyright can now be claimed for nearly everything. When assessing the judgment following this decision it clearly shows that there is still room for defense for those that are attacked for an alleged violation of a copyright.   The second Hot Topic article in this issue (“This is the way Italy protects concept stores”) assesses the Italian case law on IP protection for concept stores, a wildly discussed topic in contemporary jurisprudence.   Following the Hot Topic articles you find short summaries of important case law and legal developments from Asia (China), Europe (EUIPO & CJEU, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain), United Arab Emirates, Mexico and USA.

Feel free to contact us by email with any comments or recommendations you might have. Enjoy the first issue of the new Design and Trade Dress Global here