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Interview – Future IP Challenges: What companies in the Internet of Things space can expect

CablesBEIn this hoganlovells.com interview, Hogan Lovells partner Dr. Chris Mammen looks at the platforms that could emerge to dominate and drive the internet of things (IoT) space and the related patent and licensing issues that will emerge.

“This is a very exciting and rapidly developing time where control over the IP is going to lead to the power to frame the discussion and influence the market,” said Mammen.

How important is IP to the successful evolution of the internet of things?

Mammen: Control of the intellectual property (IP) around the IoT is going to be a major factor in how the IoT comes together and what platforms ultimately emerge. This is a pattern we saw develop in the mobile telecommunications industry. I think we may be on the verge of seeing similar IP-focused competition in the IoT space.

There are many industry sectors that have IoT emerging markets. In the utilities space, we see smart grids and smart meters; in automotive, we are increasingly seeing connected cars; and in the consumer products industry there are all kinds of things happening like smart lighting, kitchen gadgets, and thermostats. Even farming is turning towards the IoT.

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