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Wearable-tech turns luxury as designer brands collaborate with tech firms

In August’s issue of Jewellery Focus, Mark Marfé, a senior lawyer in our IPMT practice in London, was interviewed on the rise of wearable technology. The wearable market has seen an increase in “luxury” products as well as an expansion from wrist pieces to voice recorder necklaces, fitness tracker brooches and even rings that monitor your sunlight exposure.

The article looks into the growth in collaborations between designer brands and technology firms; tech firms can capitalise on being linked to big name brands who in turn, can side step the several years of research and development required to bring a new product to market. Mark explains that, in the future, jewellery and fashion companies may also look to acquire a smaller tech company to have access to the technology in-house.

The article can be found here on pages 50-53.