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Proposed change of registration policy for .IE domain names

IEDR, the Irish Domain Registry, recently announced that it was a running a Public Consultation with a view to liberalising the .IE domain name registration policy.

The current registration requirements for .IE domain names are the following:

1. A connection to Ireland

Applicants can be:

•    Irish citizens or residents;
•    Companies registered in Ireland;
•    Foreign companies or individuals with a registered trade mark covering Ireland; or
•    Foreign companies which are able to demonstrate that they are trading in Ireland (via documents such as invoices, marketing material aimed at the Irish market, a letter from a solicitor or an accountant, etc)

2. A “claim to the domain”

Applicants need to demonstrate that they have a valid reason for applying for a given domain name.  The domain name therefore needs to match the applicant’s registered business, company or trade mark name.  Should this not be the case, the applicant needs to specify to the Registry the reason for the domain name application and the intended use of the domain name.
IEDR is now proposing to remove the “claim to the domain” requirement.  However, domain name applicants will still need to prove their connection to Ireland and their identity.

IEDR is proposing this change in order to make it faster and easier for applicants with a real connection to Ireland to obtain a .IE domain name.  IEDR also sees the change as a way of growing the .IE domain name space, especially with small businesses and new start-ups.

This Public Consultation was open until 30 September 2017, after which there will be (i) a Public Consultation feedback review by IEDR’s Policy Advisory Committee (ii) a System design (if no new considerations / objections are raised during Public Consultation) and (iii) Preparation time for accredited .IE registrars.

The policy change is expected to be implemented in early 2018 as the multi-stakeholder Policy Advisory Committee and the IEDR Board of Directors have already, in principle, given their approval for the change.

To visit the IEDR website, please click here.

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