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Creating and building great brands: Multidisciplinary teamwork from the very beginning is the key to success

Most of us know a great brand when we see one. And when customers develop trust in a brand, they usually remain loyal to that company’s products or services and recommend them to others. But not all companies know how to choose a name that can be developed into a brand that is strong from both a marketing and legal perspective.

As part of our Total Brand Care offering, which harnesses our global abilities to provide a holistic approach to creating, commercializing, and protecting our clients’ brands, Lloyd Parker, Tokyo Office Managing Partner, outlines the following key business and legal factors companies should consider in creating and developing a brand.

  • What is the best way for clients to approach the brand-creation process, regardless of their geographic location?
  • Let’s start with the common theme that distinguishes companies that are consistently successful in their branding process. What do they do that others don’t?
  • So looking at the first of the three stages — initial brand creation — what are the key points which are critical to success?
  • Hogan Lovells is a law firm. How can we help clients in this first stage, which is more about creativity?
  • What about the second stage — conducting clearance searches?
  • What about the third and last stage — the trademark application and registration process?

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