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Hong Kong relaxes regulations on product placement: Episode two

The Communications Authority (“CA”) recently issued its decision to relax existing regulations on indirect advertising (commonly known as product placement) in television programmes (“TV programmes”) and to lift bans on advertisements for undertakers and associated services. We have previously discussed the CA’s decision in September 2017 to review its Generic Code of Practice on Television Programme Standards and Generic Code of Practice on Television Advertising Standards (together, the “Codes“) in our article: Opening the door for product placement in Hong Kong?

The CA conducted a one-month public consultation in April this year to gauge public views on its relaxation proposals, which were devised from an industry consultation with domestic TV licensees and studies conducted on TV advertising regimes in other major jurisdictions around the world. 63% of the respondents in the public consultation agreed that a general prohibition on indirect advertising (subject to exceptions on the types of TV programmes) should be lifted.

Major Changes suggested by the CA

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