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Why automotive companies in the connected car and autonomous driving industry need to review their trademark portfolios

With the momentum building in the trend towards connected and autonomously driven vehicles, automotive companies should review their trademark portfolios to ensure that their key marks are covered for goods and services in this space.

Dr. Andreas Renck, Alicante Office Managing Partner at Hogan Lovells, sees the established practice of classification of goods and services provided under a given brand as the foundation of any trademark portfolio. Companies in the United States and Europe use the World Intellectual Property Office’s Nice Classification (NCL) to classify their trademarks and thus ensure their protection. NCL comprises 45 categories under which applications can be classified; Classes 1 through 34 are for products, and 35 through 45 are for services. Under these classes, each mark must be designated for specific products and/or services.

In this hoganlovells.com interview, Dr. Renck discusses emerging issues that are impacting the traditional trademark registration process, and offers tips to help automotive companies protect their brands as the automotive and mobility industry continues to expand.

Access the interview transcript here