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Five steps to rehabilitate a brand in the midst of a crisis: Total Brand Care

It is essential that companies take a global and holistic approach to creating, commercializing, and protecting their brands and their value. When an organization experiences a public relations disaster, what is the role of communications in minimizing the impact to its brand as part of its overall Total Brand Care strategy?

In this hoganlovells.com interview, Mark Irion, head of the Strategic Communications practice at Hogan Lovells, outlines five distinct steps to create a communications plan that incorporates legal, reputation, and brand strategies:

  1. Disclose all the facts
  2. Use the facts to tell the story
  3. Get in front of the story
  4. Embrace the truth
  5. Never go it alone

As Irion explains, when a company is in crisis, its reputation is at risk. The company’s ability to redeem or rehabilitate itself, or make itself less vulnerable to that risk, is fundamentally a matter of trust. Does the company have a large enough reservoir of trust with its customers, regulators, or community to survive and thrive in the wake of a crisis event? That depends on the nature of the crisis, Irion says, and whether the company has a system in place to contain the crisis.

Read the full interview on HL.com here

At Hogan Lovells, Total Brand Care is our firmwide holistic approach to protecting our clients’ most valuable asset — their brands. For more information, visit our topic center and catch our related LimeGreen IP posts