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Automotive IP roundup 2018

In our Global IP Outlook for 2018 we flagged the following key automotive industry issues to consider for developments over the year. This post collates our related LimeGreen IP insights… and then some. Keep an eye out for our Global IP Outlook 2019 in the new year!

Connected Cars present a tremendous opportunity for automotive companies and consumers. Among other things, these technologies enable wireless connectivity in cars, both external (e.g. with an external network) and internal (e.g. with local devices). But this is not without risk. Providing cars with many of the same capabilities that, for example, handsets have may create much more risk vis-à-vis the same types of patents that have plagued handset companies. We also flagged our November 2017 interview with Partner Celine Crowson “Emerging issues in the connected cars and autonomous vehicles market are influencing standard-essential patents and IP transactions“.

Perhaps the most notable, and immediate, risk is in the wireless space. There are vast numbers of patents across the wi-fi, 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE) and 5G space. Cars with “wireless” connectivity capabilities may be susceptible to these patents. Expect monetizing entities to continue to appear, as the efforts of technology companies and automotive companies continue to overlap more and more.

LimeGreen IP News also reported on the following issues beyond our Global Outlook publication:

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