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UK: Protecting your product brand and design – All part of the PLAN

Our Consumer team has developed a new Product Lifecycle Analysis tool (PLAN) to help companies bring their product to market in the UK. Hogan Lovells PLAN is designed to take you through every stage of product development, from the initial idea through production and to after-market service, outlining what you can expect, and how our team can help you with a successful launch.

The Business development lifecycle stage is where product brand and design protection comes into play. At this stage, you’ve decided that your new product is a winner, you have secured a stable source of funding and can now plan with confidence how you will manage and track the development and launch of your product. Your priority is to develop and implement a strategy for taking your product to market and to grow strong and profitable sales.

An important part of this strategy is to get your branding right, otherwise a competitor could block the development, manufacture, or sale of your product. This is where our world-leading brands team can provide essential clearance for the brands and designs considered for your products. A comprehensive range of search services helps you to choose attractive and protectable branding and identifies potential blocks to your plans. You can count on our support to refine your branding to present a distinctive marketplace identity, choose whether and how to protect your chosen branding from competitor encroachment, and establish and detect the likely competitor threats your branding may face.

For further insights relevant to this lifecycle stage, our free knowhow resource LimeGreen IP sets out the basics of trademark, design and copyright protection in the UK and we keep you updated on related key topics and wider developments right here on LimeGreen IP News. Our consumer goods industry knowledge is backed by decades of experience across the globe in key areas of law.

The business development lifecycle stage also involves commercial, tax, transfer pricing and regulatory issues. A sales structure that works for your product and your business is essential and you will need watertight contracts to back you up. How a product is developed and marketed, and what you say about it, may be also regulated, with a corresponding impact on your business model and strategy. This is why our brands team offers a joined-up service with our corresponding teams in these areas.

If you have a new product, we have the PLAN.