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Doing business in the United States: IP in the mix

The United States is one of the easiest jurisdictions in the world in which to do business, however there are certain barriers to entry and challenges to doing business that should be taken into account before investing or establishing operations in the United States.

Our Doing business in the United States 2019 publication provides an overview of trade control issues that could limit a non-U.S. person’s ability to enter the U.S. market or conduct its business operations, as well as the principal forms of doing business in the United States. A summary of Intellectual property (IP) laws and practices important to foreign investors is included (p.40) in addition to overviews for labor and employment, immigration, export control, anticorruption and bankruptcy.

The U.S. is considered one of the jurisdictions that is most protective of intellectual property*. Copyrights and patents are governed by federal laws, while trademarks are governed by federal, state, and common law. Trade secrets are governed by state law.

Please read the full publication Doing business in the United States 2019 for a detailed summary. This publication is not intended to be a comprehensive guide, but to provide an overview of some of the important issues that investors should consider and discuss with counsel. IP Partner, Tim Lyden is the contact listed in this publication.

*According to the International Property Rights Index, the U.S. scored the highest for protection of intellectual properties and was ranked the first among countries in 2017 and 2016.