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IoT webinar recording: Cyberthreats in the Internet of Things

On July 16, 2019, our Privacy and Cybersecurity and Litigation teams presented a webinar, “Cyberthreats in the Internet of Things”. Speakers explored some techniques to exploit potential vulnerabilities in connected devices and how those types of events impact organizations from a regulatory and litigation perspective.

Many of the nearly 20 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices deployed worldwide perform critical functions or have access to networks that process highly sensitive information. The proliferation of connected devices across industry sectors has led to the emergence of a significant and distinct threat to many types of organizations, from electric utilities deploying IoT devices across its smart grid to financial institutions using IoT devices in conference rooms that may connect to the same network that financial data flows through.

Topics include:

  • Different types of hacks and how they may be exploited in the IoT space
  • Ways that compromised IoT devices can present unique types of security risks
  • Unique legal implications of IoT cyberthreats
  • Litigation risks and strategies

To view the recording of the webinar and download the presentation slides, please click here (registration required)