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EU Patent Office publishes preview of guidelines on patenting AI applications

The preview-version of the EPO’s Guidelines for Examination is out now (link here), and, for the first time ever, there is specific guidance on patenting AI applications – Are there any surprises in the Guidelines? Earlier this year the European Patent Office (“EPO”) held its first ever conference on patenting artificial intelligence (“AI”). Following intensive

France: Trickery of speech fails to overcome lack of patentability of claims relating to computer programs per se.

Paris Court of First Instance (“Tribunal de Grande Instance”), 3rd Chamber, 1st Section, released the full decision in late September for case N°14/05735 In 2010, a French telecom provider launched the sixth generation of its “box”, which serves as an interface between the provider’s network and subscribers’ IT and/or audiovisual and/or telecom equipment and allows such