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When 3D-printing challenges IP rights

3D-printing changes the way we develop products: an idea can be transformed into a tangible product faster than ever and it is not even expensive anymore! But what is 3D-printing? Simply put, it is a machine that builds an object out of base materials by successively stacking thin layers of the material in accordance with

Europe: IP Enforcement round-up

Since January, we have published 13 summaries of key IP enforcement developments, including 8 v-logs. This round-up outlines each commentary with a link to the full post, giving you the chance to catch up on any news you missed. IP Enforcement Focus is our series of written, video and audio posts which plug into your current European enforcement issues. These posts cover IP related court

V-log: Secondary liability & file-sharing the blame

In this IP Enforcement Focus v-log, we report on a recent decision of the German Supreme Court dealing with illegal file sharing which has received a lot of attention. The case centres on how the court views secondary liability of Internet account holders where family members or groups are involved. Click here to view the V-log IP Enforcement Focus

V-log: Filesharing – Illegal uploads & secondary liability of account holders

In this IP Enforcement Focus v-log, we report on a very surprising recent decision of the German Supreme Court dealing with illegal file sharing… and visitors from Australia. How does the court view secondary liability of account holders? Are primary claims enforceable in practice for such cases?   Click here to view the V-log IP Enforcement Focus is a series